From Mourning to Morning
Providing spiritual support to families experiencing grief and loss
Audience of Focus: Families Experiencing Loss

Pearls of Wisdom Spirituality Retreats for Women and Girls
Facilitating spiritual development sessions for women and girl
Audience of Focus: Women and Girls

ECHO (Equity, Culture, Harmony and Openness) Seminars & Assessments
Experiencing cultural transformation through self-reflection, empathy exercises and discussions about structural inequities and social justice
Audience of Focus: Health Professionals, Mental Health Professionals, Organizational Leaders, Social Service Professionals, Youth Development Specialists, Primary Care and  Behavioral Health Organizations

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training 
Increasing mental health literacy about youth ages 13 – 18 years of age and includes discussion of suicide, depression and other mental health issues
Audience of Focus: Parents, Teachers, Youth Pastors, Individuals working with youth

EPIC (Empowering Personal, Intellectual and Cultural) Development 
Enlightenment circles are community dialogues to enhance personal, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development of individuals, 
families and communities
 M3, Kitchen Talk, Saturday Mornings
Audience of Focus: Women, 
Youth and Families

 NIA (Natural Innovative & Authentic) Sisters
Embracing natural and spiritual well-being while declaring the priceless value of women and girls in our society today
Audience of Focus: Multicultural Women and Girls
I3 - Three Keys to Parenting Success: Identity, 
Intimacy and Involvement 
Learn the essentials of effective parenting in the 21st Century, providing a firm foundation for social and emotional well-being of children, youth and 
Audience of Focus: Parents

Providing sickle cell disease/trait education and increase awareness of generational and genetic health, emphasizing the importance of vertical and horizontal transmission of health information, family 
Audience of Focus: Families living with sickle cell disease/trait and Community-at-Large